Extra Discs

OK... so you have decided to use our Scandango scanning service... Huzzah! You have excellent taste.

As part of the service we offer, you receive a disc containing a digital copy of your scanned photos; no matter what you always get that disc, it's a done deal... it's in the bag.

You maybe one of those coffee-shop dwellers using a fancy-pants netbook computer that has no disc drive, well tough tamales you are still going to receive that disc! If you are someone who does have a disc drive in your computer (and let's face it 99% of us are) then you will like our discs, they are white and shiny and they have your images on them.

At Scandango we spend considerable time thinking about all of our products and services and discs are no exception. We think a disc of your images would make a fantastic present for friends, family and loved ones. For this reason we are offering duplicate discs of your images. We know that most people can copy discs these days, and you are of course welcome to do this yourself - your disc is yours after all. Copying discs can be a tedious time consuming affair though and as such we are happy to do that bit for you.

Another advantage our duplicate discs may have over your discs... ours have properly printed labels (look pretty good), and come protected in either bright orange gel clam cases or in metal promotional tins. This makes them a better looking gift than perhaps the cheapest disc you could find in the supermarket with your handwriting scribbled all over it in marker pen.

Presenting a CD to a loved one (A play by El Mono)

Act 1. Dave in Vancouver makes his own copy of his Scandango disc and presents it to his Uncle Tobias.

Dave: Hi uncle I have brought you a copy of the family photos, I got them scanned by Scandango - a totally awesome scanning service in the UK*

(Dave passes the disc to his uncle).

Uncle Tobias (looking nonplussed): Thanks David, I'll look at them later. Put them over there with the other CDs and I'll look later. Now let's watch some hockey.

Dave (crestfallen): Sure uncle.

Act 1 Alternative: Dave in Vancouver orders extra copies of his Scandango disc for his family to enjoy, he gives one to Uncle Tobias.

Dave: Hi uncle I have brought you a copy of the family photos, I got them scanned by Scandango - a friendly bespoke scanning service in the UK**

(Dave passes the disc to his uncle).

Uncle Tobias: Man alive!? What is this? Images of our family? On this disc? Why Dave, let us abandon watching hockey and look through this disc of our family photos instead. Does it have the photo of me with that moose?

The End.

As you can see it's a no brainer!

If you want to order multiple copies then you can either keep clicking add to cart or you can update the quantities in the shopping cart.

* This might sound like unbelievable dialogue but it's what we are aiming for
** This is equally questionable dialogue but an excellent way of telling you our service is bespoke!

  • Extra Discs
  • Extra Discs
Scandango Snippet #16:
How many photos can you get in a shoebox?
*Approximately of course! Unless you have access to Rain Man, or have very little to occupy you of an evening we will never ask you to be so specific with the numbers.
A half shoebox is approximately 500 photographs
We didn't even use a calculator for that one!


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