Photo Preparation

Whilst we will endeavour to scan as many of your photographs as we can – there may well be some that we simply will not be able to process. The purpose of this page is to suggest how to ensure you get the maximum amount of your photos scanned, and demonstrate examples of photographs we cannot process using our primary scanning service.

We strongly advise that you contact us first so we can discuss your needs and offer a tailored service if you have concerns over any of your photos.

Suggested checklist:

  • Remove photos from photo albums
  • Check photos for Blu-Tack, sellotape and anything else sticky; where possible, remove it
  • Remove / separate photos that are too dirty or dusty
  • Remove / separate photos that are too damaged
  • Remove / separate any photos that are too big, too small or on card that is too thick (see below for dimensions)

The reason we suggest the above checklist is to enable us to scan the maximum number of photos for you, giving you the best value from our service. If you have any photos that are too big, too small or too damaged we may still be able to help (we have more than one scanner to choose from). As with everything, please get in touch if you need more clarification.

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