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Jan 04 2012

Happy New Year Everybody! (but mainly Belgium)

Hi everyone, Happy New Year, everyone at Scandango hopes you will have a cracking 2012!

OK arrogant flamboyant outburst out the way... Happy New Year to the people who actually read this - and I think I can count them on one hand; the sentiment about having an amazing 2012 is true no matter what :)

Right then to business people, carpe diem and all that...

Firstly - Belgium. Why are we singling them out in this post? Well, in short we think Belgium and Belgians are awesome!

The reason for this is because after the UK, Belgium is the biggest user base of Scandango's services. This may be because we featured in a Belgian innovation magazine or it may be because the Belgians are helpless romantics, sentimental and in tune with what we at Scandango are trying to do.

We aren't in this for the big bucks – none of us are going to be driving around in DB9's. We are doing this because we love old photos and the memories that come flooding back when we look at them. We do this because we want our memories to be kept safe for future generations to enjoy, and by getting them into the digital domain it makes them more accessible; nobody is going to freak out when little Amelie has pudding all over her fingers but insists on looking at the digital photo of her daddy wearing a funny jumper and a silly moustache - worse case scenario is the iPad or similar device will need the screen wiping! Finally we do it because we have met so many great people as Scandango has begun to flourish. Your photos are more than photos to you and our customers are more than customers to us.

Wishing everyone much love and all the best for 2012.
El Mono

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