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Dec 05 2011

I'm not saying we're sharp... but we are in Focus!

I'm a bit of a geek, I can't help it I just am. I also am addicted to cheese, it's just how I've been put together; I love cheese and I love science, history, technology... pretty much anything that gets associated with geek.

It is for this reason that last night (a Saturday night I hasten to add) that I was lying on my sofa thumbing through the latest issue of the BBC's Focus magazine looking for the article on 3D printing. Going through the magazine backwards, after drooling over the gifts and gadgets I got to the 'TechDoc' section where an article caught my eye...

'How to... DIGITISE YOUR MEMORIES' written by Spencer Kelly (journalist and presenter of Click).

In the article Spencer gives advice on how to digitise your VHS, vinyl and photos. In the photo column Spencer gives tips on home scanning - all good advice, and... he mentions us!!! < Sorry to get carried away here but I definitely feel this warrants a three exclamation mark high-five!

So, to date, we have been featured on, Focus magazine, Springwise and apparently a Belgian innovation magazine (this makes us really happy as we now have lots of Belgian customers / friends of Scandango).

Where can we pop up next?

General update...

We recently skipped across the pond to visit New York and look at some new scanning technology. We still haven't decided on whether we can/should support negative scanning. Maybe I need to create a poll to gauge interest in this, we still get a lot of email enquiries regarding it – is the cause of much debate in the Scandango HQ.
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