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Oct 19 2011

Toy Collector mesmerizes Scandango

You may be picturing 'Al' the obsessive toy collector from Toy Story 2 hypnotizing my brother and I with shiny things (and in all honesty when I heard the name Toy Collector I pictured Al too). In reality Toy Collector is an amazing website run by a team with a passion for toys. Toy Collector is also the home of ToyPedia an impressive attempt to catalogue all toys. If you have a fascination with model cars (especially Corgi and Dinky Toys) then you need to check out the site! (Warning, true fans and aficionados will spend hours looking on the site, we may have to ration how much El Fijador goes on it as we fear he is becoming addicted!).

Toy Collector found Scandango from an article on the website, and sent us a shoebox of photos of models of cars from around the world. Normally we wouldn't blog about the content of a customer's photos as our service is confidential, but the photos were not of a personal nature and were so interesting Toy Collector kindly agreed to let us show you some of them – thank you Toy Collector and a special thank you to LaToya! There are photos of all sorts of vehicles from BMW Bubble cars through to airport fire trucks. Some of the photos show the car as a standalone model, while other photos have been fully staged with fake sets and props; the image above is a great example of this.

As a side note El Fijador has a passion for Dinky toys so he was in heaven looking at photos of them. Whilst he has an impressive collection of Dinky Toys already, we have noticed he has started to spend rather a long time looking longingly at the Dinky models in the Toy Collector marketplace (El Fijador tip: Most of the models in the marketplace are fascinating but if you type 'Dinky' in the search box you can focus just on those).

To add our own little bit of Scandango into this blog I'd like to point out that all I have done to these images is reduce the size to allow them to fit onto the page; I have not retouched the images in any way (adjust colours, brightness, dust and scratches or edited the borders). The reason I have left them 'raw' is so you can see the quality of them direct from the scanner. Ideally I would tweak them a little, if nothing else to tidy the edges a little, however the images are amazing anyway and we think they have scanned in really well.

If you want to find out more about Toy Collector click here.

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