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Jun 23 2011

Testing Special Delivery

Currently Scandango is primarily accepting orders that can be delivered to us by hand, either directly or through a trusted intermediary. This is working well for us for now while we get more established and hone our service, however at some point we need to consider other ways to receive orders. Realistically we currently only have two options the post and courier services. Our preferred route is Royal Mail Special Delivery, it is an insured, guaranteed next day delivery service.

We have successfully used Special Delivery for several years for business and private use, and we can't recollect a single instance when it has let us down. However, no system is 100% infallible, and whilst Special Delivery offer insurance, the business model is for items that have monetary value not personal or sentimental value. How can you put a price on your memories and photographs, they are priceless.

We have been experimenting sending photographs within our organization to explore packing techniques, weight/cost issues and the reliability of the service (excellent reliability). We will post a more detailed article soon to keep you up to date with our findings.

If you are confident in the reliability of Special Delivery and you accept that we cannot take responsibility for the protection of your photographs during transit then please get in touch with us.

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